How to Draw Chibi's for Beginners!

Introduction: How to Draw Chibi's for Beginners!

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WARNING! MY DRAWING WILL BE HORRIBLE, BUT I AM STILL TRYING TO HELP BEGINNERS, TO GET A FIRST LOOK AT HOW TO DRAW CHIBI'S , sorry if you don't like my drawing...If you don't like my drawing...please click away, and go to another good...professional drawing tutorial

Step 1: The Face

Step One is fairly simply, all you have to do is draw a circle and one vertical, and two horizontal lines

Step 2: The Eyes

Step two, is basically drawing the eyes onto the circle, follow the picture

Step 3: The Upper Body

This is the upper half of the body, it could be your wish to draw a skeleton first then draw a body on top, but I prefer simply drawing a rectangle, then creating the body from there.

Step 4: The Body Outline

now this is the actual body outline, and from here the clothes will go on.

Step 5: Drawing the Clothes (be Creative..your Choice)

This is all your creativity, be creative and try drawing your own clothes, mine looks terrible anyways, you don't want to copy a terrible do you?

Step 6: Drawing the Hair (Be Creative!)

This is also your own imagination, be creative with drawing your own chibi hair, but for an example you can look at mine, which is ugly.

Step 7: Last Step, Outline With Black

The final step to drawing your own chibi, is to outline it with any type of black utensil, like a black marker, pen, dark pencil, or whatever...and you are done!!!>..yay!!



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    It looks cute :)

    Sorry guys, if you don't like it, but I hope I helped! :)