How to Draw Fire

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This is a step by step video detailing how to draw fire.

In this video I use gimp 2.6 and a drawing tablet, however you could use whatever you like.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    A little dissappointed with this instructible. I followed all the steps and mine doesn't look anything like the one posted.


    3 years ago

    Please, don't take offence, but you should have your colours the other around.

    Where you have red/dark orange, this should be bright yellow, fading out to red at the top.

    This is because the colour is due to the heat and fire is nearly always hotter, and there for brighter near the source of combustion. As it gets cooler, it turns more redder.

    Just do a web search for "fire" and look at the images. You will see fire is more yellow where it is burning and turning red at the edges.

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