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Colorful flowers always brighten up my day. However I live in the city and flowers are a rare sight. To remedy this, here is a tutorial on how to draw flowers.

The materials you will need for this simple exercise are as follows:

~ A surface to draw on. (a piece of paper in this case.)
~ Drawing utensils. (A pen)
~ Markers or crayons.

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Step 1: Drawing the Petals.

The first component of the flower that most people notice are the petals. So to start, we will use our drawing utensil to make a loop with a pointed end, rather like a teardrop or raindrop. Make other loops the same size with the pointed connected to the point of the first loop so that it forms a ring of these shapes. Five teardrops will make a good flower. Now just to be fancy, draw another set of petals close to your first set so we can have two pretty flowers instead of one!

Step 2: Drawing the Stems and Leaves.

Flowers need water and sunlight to bloom, so we have to give our flowers a stem to draw water and nutrients from the ground and leaves so that the flowering plant can photosynthesize.

Choose a spot where two petals meet on one of the flowers. Make sure that it is close to the other flower so that we can connect them together later. Draw a curved line that points into the ground. This is your main stem.

Now Pick a similar point on the other flower. Again, make sure that this point is close to the other flower. Draw a curved like so that it connects with the main stem. You can connect them anywhere on the stem. If you wish to make flowers with separate stems, that is fine too.

To draw a leaf, you only need to make two curves like the stems. Make the first one by drawing a line curving off the main stem. Then make another curve connecting the ends of the first curve. There you have a leaf.

You can get fancier by adding more leaves and by drawing a little curve in the middle of the leaf. This little curve is the main vein of the leaf that helps deliver and distribute water to the leaves from the stem so that the leaves don't dry out.

Step 3: Making Your Flower Bright and Beautiful.

I like flowers that are brightly colored, but the drawing is only in black and white. We can change this by coloring in the drawing.

I used a red scented marker to color my flowers in because i want them to smell nice too. I carefully color in the petals of my flowers. Then, using a green marker, i fill in the lines for the leaves.

And voilá! Beautiful red flowers to brighten up my day! They even smell like synthetic cherry!

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial and that you'll be drawing many flowers to bright up your day. I shall be uploading more in the future.

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    2 years ago

    the flowers are so cute i made it


    3 years ago

    so cute so easy


    5 years ago

    Well it's very cute but,


    Very sweet. Nicely done. I was thinking this would also be a nice way to introduce the plant kingdom and the process of photosynthesis to young children in a classroom, Please make more instrubables you have a real flair :0)


    10 years ago on Step 2

    who ever drew this did an amazing job I love art


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Step 1, that pen... I have the EXACT same one, except it's black. Awesome Instructable by the way, they look great (and easy to do)!