How to Draw Sapphire From Steven Universe in Anime

Intro: How to Draw Sapphire From Steven Universe in Anime

I like Steven Universe its my favorite show and so I chose to draw Sapphire in anime! I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Drawing the Head

First, I'm just simply sketching the head as so.

Step 2: Drawing the Bangs

The bangs have to be very long so it covers her eye.

Step 3: The Face

you cant draw her eye, but you have to draw the nose and mouth!

Step 4: Blush (optional)

you can add blush if you want, but dont make it look like the eyes like i did!

Step 5: Neck, Shoulders, Sleeves and Those! Wait What?

Draw 2 lines for the neck, more lines for the shoulders, then circles for the sleeves.

Step 6: Arms!

Try to draw the arms and hands. Make sure to fit her gem if the palm is showing!

Step 7: The Top of the Dress

Make some lines for something kinda like a jacket then a line over and under and not through a circle. XD

Step 8: The Skirt!

The second to last part! So then you make a simple dress from there with a cute little cloth!

Step 9: Almost There... XD

There you are, Sapphires long hair! We've been looking for you! Alrighty time to draw it.

Step 10: Outro :)

Thanks for picking me to help you today! if you enjoyed, please favorite and follow me, this is my first project! please also share what you made! REMINDER: i forgot to draw the gloves so plz dont blame me blame my brain for forgetting, just draw a line at the arms to make gloves BYE!!!!



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