How to Draw SpongeBob SquarePants



Introduction: How to Draw SpongeBob SquarePants

Hey guys I am Vedaang and today in this video lesson I am going to teach you how to draw spongebob square pants thief style(although you can draw him in your own style). Hope you enjoyed drawing spongebob as much much I did drawing him. So attach your drawing and leave a comment below. Best of luck

2b pencil staedlar mars lumogragh
Permanent marker

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Step 1: Draw the Basic Face

Start if with the first eye leading to the nose then the upper lip and finally the mouth draw the younger and two teeth remember don't make the mouth touch the full lip lip leave some space and then draw the teeth. At last draw the second eyeball

Step 2: Draw the Full Face

First draw a curvy line on top then one more making a box but don't connect the left line to the square as that is where the hand will come. Next draw a circular semi circle and join the lower curvy line to it this is bobs left arm. Next in the the centre of the circular semi circle make the hand leave some space so you can draw the dagger
To make the back of the head from the original curvy line go done slanting. The way you go out when you want to draw a cuboid.join it with the hand you have made sponge bobs proper face now.for his right arm draw a small rectangle leave some space from the down part. Make a circular kind of Line as in this hand he is holding a gun

Step 3: Drawing the Pants Tie and Belt

Now for the pants.leave some space and draw big rectangle till line of divider of back head and face one point perspective now so make square in region of back head so both are now one big 3D shape which is the pant make the line to which will give your pant 2 halfs
Now for the tie. In the first part of the box in middle draw small Dash join it above with two slants both sides same down.
For the belt draw 5 dashes two in the pant of the face side and one in back head side

Step 4: Drawing the Legs

Leave some place now the full thing is just one pant in step 3 there were 2 halfs only to understand. Ok so for the legs leave some gap and draw to medium sized circular upside down semi circle they have to be identical. Draw the legs and curve it will explain how to do it in the drawing .
Shoes-you can copy the shoe in this pic but u can draw ur own version of shoe to

Sorry for the picture as it is clicked upside down

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    3 years ago

    Nice, it looks just like him! :)