How to Draw Undyne the Undying

About: Hello! I am doing drawing tutorials, and I won't really be on much by the way. I do play the following: ROBLOX: xXLPSIsLifeXx , Pixel Gun, I would usually play sandbox and go on Undertale servers. Have a goo...

Hello ponies and gentlecolts! I am here with another tutorial! Today we will be drawing Undyne the Undying! There may be drawing errors but, that's fine :o

Step 1: Head

You would first make her head, then drawing on her hair, face, ect.

Step 2: Body + Arms

Then you would draw her body, with her holding her spear or her in a different pose. And you will not BELIEVE how many times it took me to draw her arms and her spear.

Step 3: Done! :3

After your done drawing you can color it in, how ever you like. I hope this helped all of you ;]



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