How to Draw Zentangle Paradox


In this tutorial i am showing how to make Beautiful Zentangle Paradox Design Variation :)

Watch & Learn.

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Step 1: The Easiest Part

Draw a circle with a the help of a compass.

The circle can be of any radius as you want.

After drawing the circle divide the circle into 8 equal parts with the help of a ruler.

Step 2: Start Portion One

Start filling the first part with straight lines towards the center from both sides one by one.

Step 3: And Its Done

Once you start connecting lines as shown in the picture.

After completing the first part the end result will look like this.

Step 4: Keep on Filling the Parts One by One

We just need to fill every part with the similar pattern

Step 5: Half Way Done

This is the half done view of the art piece

Step 6: And We Are DONE...

This art piece is done, quiet easy to make.

Hope you liked it.

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