How to Draw a Braid

Intro: How to Draw a Braid

Braids are very hard to draw but I've learned a technique that makes it a lot simpler. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments!

Step 1: Zigzag

Start by sketching a vertical zigzag largest at the top and getting smaller the further down.

Step 2: Optional (guidelines)

Sketch some guidelines on the edge if you want. These make it easier.

Step 3: Extending the Lines (pt.1)

Extend the some of the zig zag lines to the guideline. (See pics)

Step 4: Extending the Lines (pt.2)

Extend the other zig zag lines.

Step 5: Connecting

connect each zig zag in a rounded line (see pics).

Step 6: Connecting

Before we finish the braid itself, I'm gonna show you how to connect it to the head. Just take the line furthest to the left and the line furthest to the right and continue it in a head shape.

Step 7: Connecting More

Continue the top 2 zig zags into the hair in a curved line.

Step 8: Hair Tie

Draw the hair tie by drawing 2 little, long ovals horazontally, touching the bottom of the braid

Step 9: The Not Braided Hair

For the tip of your hair it should poof out a little and not be braided. Whether or not you choose to put it coming into own tip(like mine) or into multiple tips is up to you!

Step 10: Inking

Draw over the lines you want to keep in either a darker pencil, pen, or coloring utensil. Erase the lines you don't need anymore but be careful not to erase the finished sketch.

Step 11: Optional (color It)

If you feel like adding some color, go ahead and color in your braid in any color you like!

Step 12: You're Done!

Now you've finished your braid and can incorporate braids into your other drawings and sketches! My pencil is a BIC #2 HB pencil, my pen is just a regular ballpoint pen with black ink, my eraser is a regular pink eraser, and my paper is a 75LB sketchbook from Ucreate. I hope you enjoy making braids, thanks for reading this instructable and have fun! :)



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great job! thanks for sharing this!