How to Draw a Fish Underwater


I will be doing a tutorial on how to draw a fish underwater. This is not my best artwork so please, no judging. 

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Step 1: Step One

First, draw your whole canvas blue. If you are using deviantART muro, use the Dr.Pepper effect to get the bubbles in your color. This will be the water. 

Step 2: Step Two

After your screen is blue, draw an oval. Make the oval whatever color you want it to be. This oval will be the base of your fish. 

Step 3: Step Three

After you draw your oval, make a triangle. Make sure the  triangle is fairly proportional to the oval. The triangle can go on either side of the fish. 

Step 4: Step Four

Now you should have an outline of a fish on your canvas. You're probably thinking.... " there's something missing.........". Well , we're not done here yet. Now add eyes, a smile and lines on the tail. Make your eye somewhere on the front of the fish. The smile goes right below it. On the tail, draw horizontal lines stopping at the end of the triangle. Draw another line vertically where those lines end. 

Step 5: Thanks!

Thanks for watching my tutorial on how to draw a fish underwater. I hope your fish turned out better than mine! :) 

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