How to Draw a Ghost

this is a tutorial on how to draw a ghost. It's more of a cartoon tutorial. Get your pencils and let's begin!

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Step 1: Body Outline

Make the outline of the body by making an upside down U-shape.

Step 2: Arms/hands

Make the arm/hand shapes by erasing small areas in the outline. Use the picture to help you.

Step 3: Eyes

Make the eyes by making two curved lines. The eyes are meant to be closed and happy looking.

Step 4: Tail??? I Have No Idea If That's What It's Called or Not

To make the tail, make a curved line with a pointed triangle in the end. Connect that to the body outline.

Step 5: Mouth

add the mouth using the picture as a guide. Don't forget to add the tongue.

Step 6: Boo!

Write the word boo in a speech bubble, and you're done!

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