How to Draw a Landscape


see blow

Step 1: Introduction

So if you want to draw a landscape it is very hard but if your very good at this. So if you want to draw a landscape if you want to draw a landscape you will want to see if you can look if you can see a mountains and hills if you want.

Step 2: Materials

so the Materials you need are:

1) pencil

2) canvas

3) paint

4) paintbrush

5) and a good a view

6) glass of water

Step 3: Step 3

so first you want to get all set up. So put your canvas on its holder so you can get comfortable. Wherever you are to do your landscape.

Step 4:

paint where you draw your mountains and hills trees and roads with whatever color you want!.

Step 5:

I hope you know how to draw a landscape now. So you can put your wonderful drawing on your bedroom wall so i hope you can draw a landscape.



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