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About: I love science and Drawing love flowers which by the way is my frist instructable (how to draw a love flower.)Check it out and don't forget to vote if you have any questions please comment me thank you ...

Intro: How to Draw a Love Flower

Welcome to my first Instructable.

This is my entry in to the 2008 Flower Contest If you like it please vote for me.

In Instructable I will show you "How to Draw a Love Flower".

You will need the following items:

A pencil
A blank piece of paper
A set of colored pencils or crayons

Thanks for looking.

Step 1: Drawing the Center

Draw a circle (about an inch big)in the middle of the paper.

Step 2: Putting in the Love

Draw a heart on top, bottem, left and right of the circle.

Step 3: Add More Petals

Next, draw petals in between every two hearts.

Step 4: Add a Stem

Add a stem to your flower.

Step 5: Add Some Leaves

Add some leaves to the stem.

Step 6: Add Some Thorns

Add some thorns to the stem.

Step 7: Add Texture and Color

Finnaly, Add some texture to the center and some color to your flower.
Now you have a Lovely Flower

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    2 years ago

    <a href="">how to draw flowers</a>


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Class drawing and i tryed to draw it and mine is not as good as yours :-D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Wow. Awesome job. I like your creativity, especially the hearts and the color scheme! Good luck! Hope you win!!!

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