How to Draw a Semi Anime Eye!

Here I will show you how to draw two different types of semi animes eyes. I hope you enjoy it!

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Step 1: Draw a Curved Line

You just do a swing of your pencil. If your a perfectionist like me it might take a few tries.

Step 2: Draw a Curved Line Below That

Do the same thing but on one side make it almost connect to the other line. The other side should have an opening. This is the side closest to the nose.

Step 3: You Have Two Options for the Pupil

You can either do an oval or a circle. A circle would be more realistic and an oval would be easier. For the oval you draw an oval from the top line but cut the top of the oval off. The circle is a bit more complicated so I'll do that in different steps.

Step 4: Step 1 of Circle Pupil

What you do first is draw a big circle between the two lines. This will be the colored part.

Step 5: Step 2 of Circle Pupil

You want to draw a smaller circle in that circle. This will resemble the pupil.

Step 6: Step 3 of Circle Pupil

Next you draw 3/4 of a circle in the smaller cirlcle near the cornerish part. This will resemble shine on the eye.

Step 7:

Step 8: Step 5 for Circle Pupil

Add three lines to the outer circle and very lightly shade them. This is extra detail that makes it look like an eye.

Step 9: Step 6 of Circle Pupil

Add small color around the outer circle as shade or color. If your doing straight pencil do it very lightly.

Step 10: Step 7 of Circle Pupil: Done!

You have yourself a semi anime eye that you can add to any drawing. Practice as much as you can it helps!

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