How to Draw a Simple Batman





- Surface to draw on (paper)

- Pencil

- Eraser

- Colours (optional)

Step 1:

Draw a circle.

Step 2:

Draw the base of a 3D rectangle starting under the circle, extend the front lines of the rectangle to the top of the circle

Step 3:

Draw two narrow triangles on top of the circle connecting with the rectangle. This will be his bat-ears.

Step 4:

Draw a wide diamond poking out of the circle., this will be his nose. Then draw two lines extending from both sides. This will form the mask.

Step 5:

Draw his eyes in the shape of a dipping crescent.

Step 6:

Draw the mouth slightly curved downwards, and on the line right from the rectangle; draw his cheek bone, which looks like a vertical curved line.

Step 7:

Erase the guidelines.

Step 8:


It is now complete.



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