How to Duplicate CLAY Sculptures and Turn Them Into PLASTIC!

About: Make your flexible rubber molds with ComposiMold. Make more unique molds with 1 pound of ComposiMold than with 20 pounds of other mold making materials. Great for many applications including casting figurine...

Have you ever wanted to turn your sculptures into a plastic, a soap, a candle, a concrete statue or something else?!?!

Step 1: sculpt something really cool!

Step 2: Spray your part with Bubble Buster.

Step 3: Melt and pour the ComposiMold.

Step 4: Remove the originals from the rubber mold.

Step 5: Mix and pour the Clear Casting Plastic.

Step 6: De-mold the duplicated plastic part.

Step 7: Repeat or re-melt the mold and make a new one!

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