How to Dye Hair Using EyeShadow



Introduction: How to Dye Hair Using EyeShadow

Using any color of EyeShadow or a mix of different colors is a great way to dye hair temporarily.

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Step 1: Items You Will Need

Shampoo & Conditioner
EyeShadow color or colors of choice
Spoon or something to crush eyeshadow with
Warm water
Empty container
Baby Powder
paint brush

Step 2: Prepair Hair

Using Shampoo and Conditioner wash and rince hair thourally. Wring out as much water as you can from hair and towel dry.

Step 3: Mix the Eyeshadow Dye

Place eyeshadow color or colors of choice into container and add a pinch of baby powder. Using the backside of a spoon crush the eyeshadow into a fine powder. Next slowly add warm water to your container and mix until dye solution becomes pasty. (If mixing more than one color you may add more eyeshadow as well as water until desired color is reached)

Step 4: Applying the Eyeshadow Dye Mixture

Using a paint brush begin applying the dye mixture to chosen hair strands.

Step 5: Continue Applying the Color Dye

Continue adding the colored dye, sticking with one color or repeat the steps and add as many colors until you are happy with the look....

Step 6: Wash Out

When you are ready for a new look, wash out with shampoo and start all over again!

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