How to Ease Your Depression by Drawing a Pony

You know it can't be this way forever. It's time to make a step. Just a little step to leave everything behing. Let's draw a pony! Ponys are cute, ponys are nice, ponys are giving you beautiful smiles. Now, stop looking at this picture from google search results...

Step 1:

...and take your tablet. Open a drawing app. Any app you like, it's your time to choose now.

Step 2:

Relax. Leave everything that disturbs you, everything that scares you and everything that makes you sad far far away. Nothing can hurt you now. Feel your hands. Feel the warmth in your fingers. And just... let it flow... just draw... a pony. And when you feel your'e finished, take a look at your creatation.

Step 3:

It's beautiful.

Now close your eyes. Take a deep breath and say: "FFFUUUU*******K!!!" Yes! Say it loud! "FFFUUUU********K IT ALL!!!". Don't be afraid your neighbours will hear you, they know, they deserve this, they're just too shy to admit it. Don't be afraid to look rude in your own eyes this is just a pony spirit talking within you. And you don't have to be afraid of the world around you, just think of a little pony that gives you smiles. It folows you wherever you go... ...Forever.



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    10 months ago

    Lol. First, I would like to thank you for the casual demeanor in which you wrote this. Very soothing and to be perfectly honest it happens to be one of the BEST suggestions I have heard to deal with all the bulls*** (I don't want to curse in a comment & it not be posted, if that's the "rules" on here.) in your head, just generally. Awesome instructable. Love it, two thumbs up my friend. :-)

    1 reply
    Waldemar ShaAndrogynous14u

    Reply 10 months ago

    I believe, you can swear in the comments. Untill somebody flags that. But it should be constructive swearing, or I'll delete it.


    1 year ago

    As someone who has dealt with depression for most of my 50 odd yrs this ihelps...a lot. Thanks for the tip and the laugh.

    1 reply