How to Easily Create a Centre Pull Ball of Yarn

Introduction: How to Easily Create a Centre Pull Ball of Yarn

Hello everyone. :)
When I'm about to start a knitting project, I always make sure that I can pull the yarn out of the centre of the skein. If this is not possible, either because the yarn is in a big jumbled mess, is in hanks, or I just can't find the centre, then I find any end I can and make a centre pull ball of yarn.
I think it's useful to have a centre pull ball because then the ball stays put when you're using it, instead of bouncing around. It also helps prevent tangles.
My mom taught me this easy method that only requires one supply other than the yarn. and I think it's the easiest method that I have seen.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies Needed:
- The yarn you want to wind
- A small bottle with a lid

I like to use these small medicine bottles. A bottle long and thin is ideal. I've also used hotel soap bottles.

Step 2: Start the Ball

The first step is to find an end to your yarn. Take the end and put it inside the bottle. Then cap the bottle.

Step 3: Start Wrapping

Then simply being wrapping the yarn around.
I like to wrap around a couple times, then start wrapping over the bottom.

Step 4: Continue Wrapping

As you continue wrapping, alternating between wrapping around and wrapping up over the bottom, you will eventually run out of space on the bottle.
Simple pull the bottle a little ways out of the ball and continue wrapping.

Step 5: Finishing Wrapping

When you have wrapped all the yarn and are left with just a short tail, all you need to do is tuck in the end. I usually just find a clump of wraps in the same direction and tuck the tail in under those.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Then simply uncap the bottle, remove the yarn end, remove the bottle, and voila! You can now pull that yarn straight from the centre, and the ball will stay put.

Step 7: All Done!

I find this makes knitting projects less stressful and have less tangles.
I imagine you can apply the same principles to string or anything else that can be wound. And of course, if you crochet or do any other craft with yarn or string, I'm sure this is just as useful - I just tend to knit.

I hope this Instructable helps you out a bit and helps end tangled, jumpy yarn problems. :)

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