How to Easily Make a Laser Go in Circles for Your Pet



Introduction: How to Easily Make a Laser Go in Circles for Your Pet

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This is an easy way to make your pet run in circles! So what you need is a laser, string, some tape, and a place to hang the laser, I have an unfinshed basement so it was easy to find a place. So first you want to make a sortave harness for your laser. I can't really explain how because there's alot of different shaped lasers but you want to make it tight (with the tape) and have a place to tie a long piece of string that you'll also tie to some spot pretty high up. So then once you have the harness tie it to, what I said earlier, someplace high where your pet can't reach it. Now just turn your laser on and push the laser to the side to get it to go in a circle.

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P.S. the pictures are blurry because my camera was on the wrong setting at the time.


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