How to Easily Remove Fence Posts

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Removing fence posts from the ground can be a painstaking and tiring process. So I thought I’d show you the easiest way I have ever found to remove posts, whether they are concreted in or not. This simple, cheap process will remove any post with ease.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Materials Needed:

3x 8mm+ Wood Screws
1x Scrap Timber

Tools Needed:

1x Impact Driver
1x Bottle Jack

Step 2: Screw Scrap Timber to Post

Using an impact driver and at least 3 screws, attach the scrap piece of timber to the post. Make sure it’s high enough for the bottle jack to fit underneath. If necessary make sure you stabilise the ground where the jack will sit, a paver or piece of timber will work fine.

Step 3: Remove Fence Post

Now use the bottle jack to remove the post. Depending on the depth of the post you may need to chock it as you go to make it higher, or if that gets too unstable simply lower the block of timber screwed to the post as you need to.

I was actually disappointed when making this video as this is the easiest post I have ever removed. However I have used this method to remove posts concreted in heavy set clay and the bottle jack removed them easily.

I hope this helps someone out! It’s made my life easier as we renovate our home and garden.

Note: Please excuse the socks and sandals in the video.



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    5 months ago

    ALTERNATELY, get your pressure washer and "jet out" the dirt around them. Just keep moving the wand around the circumference. Push it into the muck as needed...

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