How to Easily Remove Pet Hairs From Clothes



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...without any special tools or gadgets.

Sometime ago I fell for an impressive ad for a special brush that would remove pet hairs from you clothes. You just had to pass it up and down over the clothes, the hairs would collect in a slit in the middle, and your clothes would be completely clean. I bought it. The verdict: does not work in real life, only on the video.

I'm back to the simple old trick that only requires two things you probably already have. This works every. time.

And it's cheaper and more effective than those sticky rollers for removing pet hairs.

Step 1:

All you need is some clear packing tape/Scotch packaging and a pair of scissors.

Cut off a pice of tape long enough to go around your fingers as shown in the picture. Attach the ends of the tape so it forms a cirkle and stick your fingers in the cirkle. See the pictures for clarification.

Step 2:

Pass the palm of your hand up and down over your clothes so the tape "rolls" over the clothes, sucking up all the hairs. See the pictures for explanation.

This is in reality a simple version of a sticky roller.

Enjoy your hair-free clothes!



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