How to Edit the Sales Receipt Format in QuickBooks POS 2013




How to edit the sales Receipt format in QuickBooks POS 2013

Step 1: Navigating to the Print Designer Option

Step 1. Open the QuickBooks
POS application and login with the administrator password, if you haven’t set an administrator password upon launching you would be taken right in to the home layout.

file > tools > Print Designer.

Shown in figure 1.

Step 2: Print Designer Window.

After clicking on Print Designer, the
following window then shows up! (Figure 2)

-The format we will be editing in this post is the one

To begin editing we are going to click on Modify.

Step 3: Receipt Format Sample Layout

After clicking Modify, figure 3 shows up, we will select the area on the receipt that we want to make changes to.

Step 4: Selecting the Area on the Receipt for Editing

As an example on how the editing is actually done I am going to walk with you
through an example, the area that we are going to perform the editing on would be the white area on the sample receipt displayed in the figure 4.

Step 5: Selected Area Properties

After highlighting the area we would like to edit on our sales receipt and clicking Properties on the top left, a properties window of the selected area shows up. and now its time to make our edits to the area we highlighted.

Figure 5.

Step 6: A Short Video Clip to How Its Actually Done!

please see the below link:



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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    I didn't find in my quickbooks pos 2013 desktop version print design option why ?


    I really should start using quickbooks to keep my stuff organized. Thanks for posting the great tutorial.