How to Effectively Clean a Knife

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If you're like me,(and live in the south)you always carry a knife around.And when you find a good one,you want to keep it as long as possible!
In this isntructable,I Will demonstrate the correct,non-damaging,and preserving way to clean a knife.

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Step 1: Tools

For this instructable,you will need:
the knife you need clean;
and a car detailing tool(or an old toothbrush)

Step 2: The Blade

You'll want to start with the actual blade of the knife;
take the brush attachment of the detailing tool or toothbrush and brush away any visible dust or dirt.If you are using a toothbrush,use it very lightly as to not scratch your knife.If there are any stains,use the heavy attachment for the detailer.If the stain is tough to get of,us a very little amount of window and glass cleaner.If using a toothbrush still use the very little amount of cleaner plus scrub a slight bit heavier than usual.

Step 3: The Body

Now for the more challenging stuff!
To effectively clean the body of the knife,you will need to get into every nook and cranny.Like the blade,remove the visible dust and dirt with the brush attachment and very light strokes with the toothbrush.Same with heavy stuff,use the tougher attachment and a little bit of window cleaner.With a toothbrush,heavier strokes and little cleaner. now possibly the most important thing to remember for a safe knife you will always want to extensively clean the hinge and place where the knife is folded into!!!If you dont it may end up harder to unfold your knife and eventually not unfolding it at all!!!

Step 4: Last Notes

I recommend cleaning your knife when you notice a buildup of dirt and grime.If done right,your knife should last for years and serve you plenty!

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    14 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i think i have two of those...hard ta say...i have soooo many knives, deciding which knife to carry is like a woman choising her footware lol


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I have that same knife also, although the blade is coming loose on it. Does anyone know how to tighten it?

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    there should be a spot to put a allen wrench right next to the blade on hte handle so just tighten it until its secrure but still opens and closes easy


    12 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, me too bet the locks already stopped working on mine.