How to Embrace Curly Hair

Introduction: How to Embrace Curly Hair

Messy hair can be tough to handle but it sure can look good! Here's some simple ways to keep your curls lively! It doesn't matter if you have long or short hair!

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Step 1: Moisturize

You need to keep them moisturized to keep the frizz away and the curls full! I recommend skinny or coconut oil! Just test out some things and see what works for your hair. Also try washing your hair only every other day or ever 2 days. This will keep them from getting dry and fluffy. You can just rinse or wash with just conditioner if you need to detangle.

Step 2: Never Brush Your Curls

Not only does this break your hair it creates a giant frizzy mess! Try never to brush your hair instead try combing hair while it is wet or in the shower to detangle!

Step 3: Don't Straighten

Yes they are a mess but embrace it! Try not to tie them back to tight or straighten them this will take away from their natural curl.

Step 4: Big Is Beautiful

Love your hair and embrace the curl!

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