How to Encourage Others to Share Your Content

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  1. Does your business heavily revolve around publishing content online?
  2. Is your content getting enough shares?
  3. Do you want more people to share your content?

If your answers to the above questions is in affirmative then it’s about time that you need to change how you have been doing things and learn how you can get more and more people to share your content online. To help busy business owners and marketers like you understand how social media marketing actually works and how you can get more people to share your content online this article is a must read.

In this article, you’ll find a few pointers that’ll help you get more people to share your content online.

Happy reading!

Step 1: Choose Topics That Your Followers Care About

On the internet people are talking about almost everything, but this doesn’t mean that you too should do that. Choose only those topics that reflect your niche and that you think that your followers care about. You can also use the Google AdWords or other keyword tools to track what are people in your niche talking about.

Step 2: Use Catchy Headlines

Blog posts with dull headlines reduce the chances of your content being shared online. Moreover, many of your readers might not even be interested in reading the post. I know it’s hard to believe, but try keeping yourself in the readers’ shoes while writing the post and ask yourself this question - “As a reader, would I be willing to read this article?”

Use catchy and compelling words, that can easily grab your readers’ attention.

Step 3: Be To-the-point

A content marketer is always on a look-out for unique and interesting content to share with their followers. There are even times when they instantly share a post without even giving it a full read. Keeping this fact in mind design your post in such a way that the reader can easily comprehend the key points. Avoid dense paragraphs, and use bold headers and bullet points.

Step 4: Use Visually Appealing Images

Images are a very important element of a blog post, not only do they make the blog post visually appealing, but also increases the chances of social shares. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest feature the main image of your blog post. Therefore, if you want to attract attention to your blog posts, make a point to use visually appealing images. Once done writing the blog post, take out some time and find a unique image, to go along with the blog post.

Step 5: Make Sharing Easy

If you want your website visitors to share your blog posts, position the social share buttons on your website right where any reader can find them. You can either put them at the top or on the sides so they are hard to miss.

Step 6: Don’t Be Selfish

Social sharing is a give-and-take business. So if you want others to share your content, it’s important that you share, like and comment on theirs. If you start with building up some online goodwill, you would definitely increase interactions with your content. Help others spread their great content well before you ask them to share your content.

Growing the number of social shares is not something that will happen in an instant. You need to be strategic at it and plan accordingly. If you haven’t yet started out, and have just set up your WordPress blog and found a nice WordPress hosting, these pointers will help encourage others to share your content.

What other ways have you tried to increase your social shares? Share your thoughts with us.



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