How to Engrave Picture on Wood




Introduction: How to Engrave Picture on Wood

What is up guys, In this quick instructable, I am gonna show you how to engrave photos on different materials with our converted 3d printer to laser engraver.

In casu you missed that instructable check it out:

Step 1: How Is to Achieve Grayscale With Laser

So I firsty, cut out a few square cardboard pieces on which we are gonna engrave some pictures with raster inkscape plugin.

Besides engraving just black and white, It has an ability to also control the output power of the laser and with that we can achieve different engraved surface finish and intensity.

So, lets try out the main 3 different algoritms and see how they will come out.

As you can see each of them are kinda unique in its own way but just a gradient picture doesnt show us the main point so lets try to test all three algoritms on a real picture.

Step 2: Engraving a Real Grayscale Picture

I bet that tiger face would came out amaizing so lets hop to the engraver and see how it goes..

I think we can all confirm the random threshold and halftones are way better than a greyscale image in that situation.

But that is just a cardboard, lets also try and engrave that beast on a piece of plywood with the best of those three methods.

Photos get even better when engraved into wood.

That is all for today, Thank you for reading this instructable, if you have any questions, please ask them and I would love to give you an answer.


Step 3: Watch a Video

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    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    I am trying to engrave high resolution photos of dogs, cats, etc. on cherry wood. The space is about 2x2.5 inches. The laser is a 40w epilog. I cannot seem to get the the laser image to "pop" or standout. It seems too dark or too light. Corel Draw X8 is being used. For example, I am taking a photo from Shutterstock and trying to use laser engraving to transfer the image to a piece of cherry wood 2 mm thick. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

    poodle 1.jpgpoodle 2.jpg