How to Enhance Your Use of Google Search

Introduction: How to Enhance Your Use of Google Search

While helping solve people’s computer questions during an internship with Google last year, I realized that a lot of people out there don’t know about many of the more useful and time-saving features of Google Search!

Whether it be trying to find information for a school project online, searching for products to buy, or merely just browsing, it’s easy to become frustrated when you can’t find the results that you were looking for on the Internet.

I have compiled some of the most usable shortcuts and help tips for those browsing on Google Search or using Google Chrome.

If you're already a Google Search pro, go to the end for some random Google easter eggs that may make your internet browsing more fun.

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Step 1: Google Search Shortcuts Part 1

Sometimes it is helpful to use Google Search shortcuts to find exactly what you’re looking for. The following are some of the most useful and common shortcuts!

1. Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase

Example used: “splash mountain”

Using quotation marks around a phrase will yield search results that only contain those words in the same order. This is helpful if you want to avoid seeing search results that include variations of your search terms.

2. Remove a word from your search

Example used: “disneyland –resort”

This search method can be useful if you are trying to search for a word that could yield results for another word. For example, say that you’re trying to look up information about Disneyland, but you don’t want to see anything about Disneyland Resort. To exclude any results that contain information about the resort, simply type: "disneyland –resort".

Step 2: Google Search Shortcuts Part 2

3. Define a word

Example: “define: erinaceous”

Did you know that you can get quick definitions of words by searching “define ____”? As an example, I searched “define: erinaceous”, which means “of, relating to, or resembling hedgehogs”.

4. Look up synonyms

Example: “synonym: jentacular”

You can also find synonyms for words by typing “synonym: ____”. As an example, I searched “synonym: jentacular”, which means “pertaining to breakfast”.

Step 3: Google Search Shortcuts Part 3

5. Search within a number range

Example: “stormtrooper helmet $50…$500”

If you are looking to purchase something online, but you only want to see results for products that are within a certain price range, you can search “_____$...$”

As an example, I looked up “stormtrooper helmet $50…$500”. This search only yields products that are within the price range of 50 to 500 dollars.

6. Find information

Example: “”

To find information about a web page, type “info:website”.

In this example, I searched for information about Pinterest’s website. When you use this shortcut, Google Search will allow to choose to find similar web pages, web pages from that site, or web pages that contain the same term.

7. Find related pages

Example: “”

If you want to find websites that are similar to one another, you can search “related:website”. In this example, when I looked up websites related to Facebook, the search sent me to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Step 4: Shortcut Keys

1. Print the current page

Command + p

2. Reload the current page

Command + r

3. Save the current page

Command + s

4. Save the current page as a bookmark

Command + d

5. Open a file from your computer in Google Chrome

Command + o + select a file

6. Stop the page from loading


7. Open your home page in the current tab

Command + Shift + h

8. Search the web

Command + Option + f

Step 5: Google Advanced Search

Using Google Advanced Search provides many advantages to help you find the information you need. It eliminates unwanted results, allows your search to be very specific, and saves time!

Simply type “Google Advanced Search” or follow this link to use the advanced search:

Step 6: Internet Safety

One of the most pressing subjects involving Google Search or any type of internet browsing is that of internet safety, especially for parents.

To learn more about safety features on Google Chrome, follow this link:

Step 7: Google Password Manager

While we’re on the subject of safety and security, one of the best ways to keep track of your passwords if you’re have Google Chrome is by using Google Password Manager. If you have been using Google Chrome as your browser, you probably have been asked at various times if you want Chrome to remember your password for a certain website. By choosing “yes”, you not only speed up your access to your account information the next time you try to login, but you can also access a list of your passwords for websites on Google Password Manager.

Follow this link to learn more about passwords on Chrome:

Step 8: Easter Eggs Part 1

Now that you’ve learned many helpful tricks to simplify your search on Google, here are some random easter eggs that you might enjoy!

1. Do a Barrel Roll

Type “do a barrel roll” into the search bar to see the web page do a barrel roll.

Step 9: Easter Eggs Part 2

2. Zerg Rush

This game is based on a tactic that originated in the video game Starcraft. It involves swarming a low-level or poorly equipped group against an opposing group in the hope that sheer numbers will overwhelm the enemy.

Step 10: Easter Eggs Part 3

3. The Bacon Number

This game is called “the six degrees of Kevin Bacon” and lets you find an actor’s degree of separation from Kevin Bacon by searching “bacon number” followed by the actor’s name.

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