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edit: Contest is now closed, see the winners!


Cretaceous creations, dinosaurs!
I'm hosting a contest to see what prehistoric projects you can come up with, showcase your dinosaur or prehistoric creation and win some great prizes!
You can choose whatever medium you like, this contest is open to edible, artistic, built or sewn instructables.

To enter this contest, publish a new instructable before the contest entry deadline that is dino-rific, then add it to the dinosaur group. Winners will be announced after judging has finished. Judges will be selected at random from my subscribers.
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Share your dinosaur in the mikeasaurus dinosaur contest and win some prehistoric prizes that will make you roar with delight!

Good luck! raaarr...

Step 1: Winners!

Step 2: Prizes

First Prize:

  • Gold dinosaur fun-pack:
    • Terrifying 15cm (6") tall Ceratosaurus
    • Bag of mini-dinosaurs
    • 100 glittery dinosaur stickers
    • Instructables patch
    • Instructable Stickers
  • 1-year pro membership
  • T-shirt designed by me (choice of whale, brains robot or sequin-dinosaurs).
  • Digital patch from the contest.

Second Prize:

  • Silver dinosaur fun-pack :
    • Awesome 17cm (±7") tall Apatosaurus
    • Bag of mini-dinosaurs
    • 100 glittery dinosaur stickers
    • Instructable Stickers
    • Stegosaurus woodcraft construction kit
  • Digital patch from the contest

Third Prize:

  • Bronze dinosaur fun-pack:
    • Ferocious16cm (6.5") tall Albertosaurus
    • Bag of mini-dinosaurs
    • 100 glittery dinosaur stickers
    • Instructable Stickers
  • Digital patch from the contest.

Step 3: Fine Print

Judges will be randomly selected from my subscribers using a random number generator, if contact can not be established within 48 hours or selected judge has an entry in the contest a new incumbent will be randomly selected until quorum. Prize winners PM me and we'll work out the shipping details.
Dinosaur group will be open to instructables posted prior to contest time after contest has finished.
Be smart,
all entries are subject to Instructables TOS

Great job, everyone!
see all the entries!



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    11 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

     I just uploaded an instructable for this but I didn't see a "dinosaur group" to add it to.   Did I miss something?   I'd like it to be in the groovy contest!

    1 reply

    the dinosaur group can be found here (or by url: Just add it to the group and you're in!


    Could the dinosaur be, making a short animation, such as claymation or papermation, where the dinosaur is the main character of it?

    1 reply
    Doctor What

    9 years ago on Introduction

     I agree.  Creating your own contest is by far one of the better user generated content ideas on the site.  Very nice indeed!