How to (Ethicly and Epicly) Capture a Panda

Have pesky Panda's roaming around your Home/ Place of Business? Well, with this Instructable, never have that problem again!! If you like this, check out guppie's How to ship a Tiger to Canada Here.

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Step 1: Do Your Reasearch!

First, you must find out information about Pesky Pandas, Like what they eat, where they live, and how they can be fooled. We discovered their Main food source. We used Google

Step 2: Trap 1: Sticky Trap

Supplies needed:
1. Duck tape
2. Panda Bait

Optional, but recommended:
A Pen
A Panda Whip for defense.

Using these materials, make a "mat" out of duck tape, sticky side up. Put the Bait on the duck tape trap. It is recommended that you place a note to encourage pandas to come, but make sure friends, family, and co-workers stay away.

The panda will smell the bait and begin to come over. When he finds the Bait, he will get stuck on the "mat" and you will have caught a Pesky Panda!!

Step 3: Trap 2: Box Trap

Supplies Needed:
1. An empty box
2. A pen/stick/propping up device
3. Bait

Optional, but recommended:

Panda whip for protection

Prop up box with propping mechanism and then place the Pesky Panda Bait under it. After a while, the panda will sneak up and take the bait, accidentally knocking over the propping mechanism and setting off the trap.

You have Captured a Pesky Panda!

Step 4: Step 3: Bear Trap

Supplies Needed:
1. Rope
2. A place to hang the Rope from.
3. Bait


A Panda Whip, for Self-Defense only!!

Tying a Bear Trap, we're assuming you know how to tie one by now, hang the secured end from an secure place. Place the Bait in the center, and wait for the Panda to come. When he sets off the trap, he will be stuck.

You have now captured a Pesky Panda!

Step 5: Experimental Trap 4: T-Shirt.

Supplies needed:

1. Old T-shirt
2. Long, sturdy stick
3. Rope
4. Pesky Panda Bait


A Pesky Panda whip for self-defense only!!

Loop the rope through the four openings in the T-Shirt and tie onto the stick. Put the Pesky Panda Bait in the T-Shirt and wait for the panda (The PESKY panda) to appear. He will get caught up inside the T-Shirt (hopefully) and you will pick up the stick and walk away with him. You have just caught a Panda!

Warning: The Pesky Panda might escape, in which case, he gets a very nice T-Shirt, for chillier days!

Step 6: Trap 5: Large Blanket Trap

Supplies Needed:

1. Large Blanket
2. The Element of Surprise
3. Knowledge of the Panda's natural environment.

Highly Recommended:
Pesky Panda Whip

Using your knowledge of the Panda's natural environment, and the element of surprise, sneak up on the Pesky Panda. The best time is around Feeding Time. Silently sneak up on the Pesky Panda, and cover him with the blanket, if you miss, there will be an Angry Panda for you to deal with, if not you have just caught a Panda!

Step 7: Care and Keeping of Your New Panda Friend

Supplies Needed:

1. A Heart
2. Lots of Love
3. Lots of Panda Food

No matter what method you capture your panda by, make sure that you take good care of your new Panda friend. Give him lots of Love.

We hope that you enjoyed this Instructable!
No Pandas were harmed in the making of this Instructable.
A Few cookies were eaten though...

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    12 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I can't catch the pandas roaming around my house. I've tried everything- except the blanket, but I don't have a camouflage blanket. Where can I find one???


    9 years ago on Step 2

    Dang!!! I've been using the wrong bait all his time! I read on some stupid site that pandas eat bamboo or something silly like that....Can you believe I fell for that crock? I schould have used my gut insticts and used the m&mcookie instead! Now I'm sure to catch that pesky panda!!!! Thank you so much!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I don't own a Pesky Panda Whip, and the local petshop won't sell me one.

    Can you post an instructable on how to make one? It will make things a lot easier to deal with the current infestation we are suffering.

    (I say "infestation", it's two pandas, but they're big, and they could be a breeding pair!)

    4 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm, you could be in trouble, I suppose that a regular "bull whip" could work, just watch out! Regrettably, I do not own the Pesky Panda Whip, so I'm not sure how it works... Remember, self Defense Only!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Lol, he climbed a 20ft wall just to give it a hug because it looked cuddly?! That guy needs some counseling.