How to Exfoliate for Maximum Results

Introduction: How to Exfoliate for Maximum Results

About: We believe StyleUnited is the first ever truly personalized, head-to-toe, online beauty and fashion platform. We connect women to their full style potential using these innovative tools: *Style 360 -- A pe…  In this video we show you how to buff your way to a gleamingly gorgeous bod with these simple exfoliation steps.


1. Determine Your Skin Type: Is it sensitive? If so, stick to a loofah glove/body wash combo with something like Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter.

2. Wash up: If your skin isn't sensitive, start with a mild wash (such as the Olay Pro-X Active Cleansing System) on your face, neck and décolletage.

3. Dry-brush Skin: Do as the Europeans do and dry-brush your body before hopping into the shower. Here are some additional tips on dry brushing.

4. Apply a body scrub to your dry body: Finally, before you step into the shower, apply a sugar scrub of choice onto your dry skin and massage vigorously to eliminate dead skin cells. Then, shower it off and clean with your regularly scheduled bar or shower gel.

TIP: When dry-brushing, always brush toward your heart; up on legs, up on arms. Skip delicate areas such as your décolletage/bust.

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