How to Export a Full HD Video in VSDC Free Video Editor?

Introduction: How to Export a Full HD Video in VSDC Free Video Editor?

So often we buy expensive cameras with 4k support and find ourselves frustrated after the first attempt to edit videos: video editors compress our file and export a bad quality result. Today I'll tell you several tips to keep your video well exported in Full HD. What is important here - absolutely free!

Step 1: Choose a Decent Video Editor

Actually it shouldn't be a commercial editor: there is a wide range of free video editors with a decent toolkit and a lack of spy/adware. One of them is VSDC Free Video Editor.

Step 2: Upload Your Video in a Right Resolution

It's so often we don't know the original resolution of our video! There is one tricky way to upload your video in the most suitable size: choose Import Content and add your file. The editor will automatically prepare a scene for your project based on your video parameters.

Step 3: Attention to Compression Mode!

High performance speed is the top priority of software developers. Therefore they set by default parameters which ensure high performance in prejudice of high quality.

Look at compression mode and select Supersampling interpolation. Oh yes, your program may not run fast, but the output quality will make you happy:)

Step 4: Always Edit Export Properties

What is very important - you can set quality rate at final stage. By default it can be adjusted at 50% or 70%, so always check it!

After setting quality, click Convert files! and enjoy your edited Full HD video.

Good luck!



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    Well laid out instructable :) Thanks for sharing!