How to Extract Camera Roll Photos From ITunes




To avoid iPhone data loss, we could backup our iPhone by creating an iTunes backup. But when we want to get lost data from the backup after losing something, we have to do a fully restoring, which means we have to erase all contents and setting before restore. Sometimes it’s not desirable, especially when we add some new to our iPhone after creating the iTunes backup. In this situation, the new data isn’t stored in backup, so if we restore from iTunes, we may lose these new added items.

To get data from iTunes without erasing, we have to use some third part extracting tools, in order to show how to use these kind of apps to restore from iTunes backup, we take PhoneRescue for example below to get photos from iTunes backup.


Step 1: How to Get Camera Roll Photos From ITunes

After downloading and installing this tool to your computer, you can easily extract photos from iTunes backup in the below steps. And you needn’t connect your iPhone to computer, and all iTunes photos can be viewed and extracted to your computer.

  • Firstly, run PhoneRescue, click “Select an iTunes Backup”.
  • Secondly, after selecting the latest backup, just choose Camera Roll to scan.
  • Thirdly, click into Camera Roll folder to preview the photos in iTunes backup.
  • Finally, select you wanted photos and extract them to computer by clicking “Recover” button at the bottom-right corner of this software.



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    Thanks for sharing these steps!