How to Extract IPhone Contacts From ITunes Backup to Andorid

This is a solution for those who want to transfer contacts from iTunes backup to Android without iPhone.

Step 1: Install "iTunes to Android" Program

Install and run iTunes to Android on your computer.

Step 2: Choose a Transfer Mode

Click "From iTunes Backup" from the up-right sector.

Step 3: Select a Backup

Click the inverted triangle beside the box on the left column, then select the backup of your old iPhone.

Step 4: Connect Your New Android

Connect your new Android phone to computer via a USB cable. You will be asked to turn on USB debugging. Follow the instruction on the interface.

Step 5: Tick the File Type

Click on the icon of the file type that you want to transfer. Contacts, for example.

Step 6: Start to Transfer

Click "Start Copy" to transfer contacts from iTunes backup to Android.



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