How to Feed a Corn Snake



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Intro: How to Feed a Corn Snake

This is an instructable telling you how to feed a corn snake. The same methods work with most colbrids (milksnakes, king snakes, rat snakes, bull snakes.) I will show how to feed pre-killed mice to a snake, as I am not very experienced in feeding live. I feed my corn snake 3 adult mice every 2 weeks.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You of course need the snake, the mice, and I like to use tongs, because my snake will strike at anything. You also might want a cardboard box to feed your snake in, so the snake doesn't become accustomed to eating in its cage. (so its mindset isnt "Moving-cage-EAT".) Look at the chart below to learn the sizes of mice.

Step 2: Feeding

Take the mouse out of the package, and either squeeze its pelvis in the tongs, or grab it. Nussle it to the snake's nose, and he should strike. Let go of the mouse, and put the top back on the cage.

Step 3: If He Wont Eat.....

Take out the house and whatever else is in the snakes cage (excluding the water bowl) and put the snake in. Put the mouse in with the snake, and cover the cage with a sheet or a blanket. DO NOT put the mouse on top of the heat pad, it will blow up. If the snake doesn't eat, just throw the mouse away. Call a local reptile veteranarian if the snake refuses to eat many multiple times (3-4+)



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