How to Feed a Family of Four on $200/mo

Intro: How to Feed a Family of Four on $200/mo

Thanks for watching my family grocery haul on How I feed my family of 4 on $200 per month!

Here is the site I use for our stock up price list:

Another grocery Savy Youtuber:

Our monthly dinner menu: curry with rice and edamame scones with fruit lemon chicken with rice and veggies sloppy joes with chips and corn tuna casserole with veggies lasagna, garlic bread, and salad white chicken enchiliadas with rice and beans chili smothered burritos orange chicken with rice and edamame biscuit chicken pot pie ham and brown rice casserole sweet and sour chicken with edamame and rice fried chicken and waffles with fruit pancakes with fruit biscuits and gravey with fruit hot dogs, mac salad, and corn grilled cheese with fruit



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