How to Fight on the Astral Plane

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In this Instructable you will learn how to fight on the astral plane. Attacking intermensional beings is not to be taken lightly for various reasons. Firstly, you need to know that what you are doing is the right thing. In order to be sure you need to have a pure heart. No one is perfect but most people will know when they are being motivated by selfishness rather than doing what is right for the entity and the cross-dimensional world. If you are doing it for personal gain you will suffer.

If you try to alter the fabric of this world or other less tangible worlds to your own ends you will significantly damage your life and the lives of those around you. Many adventures are initiated on the physical plane and involve the rational, self-serving human brain, which can be fine; you will quickly learn whether you are right to pursue this course of action when you access the higher dimensions. You leave your brain behind and then you are left with your higher self.

If you still aren't sure ask an angel or higher being for help. In the higher realms you just call and they will come. The other reason you should not take attacking interdimensional beings lightly is that they probably won't be happy about it and may attack you back. Most blogs and forums you read won't recommend going out and picking a fight in the astral realm but with the right training (read the whole article!) you can equip yourself to carry out the task effectively, efficiently and remain safe. Take baby steps, learn to attack safely, learn to defend effectively and know when to run and how to hide.

Effective meditation and an honest heart will guide you effectively in your decisions. Quality of meditation can be increased through isolation; turning off your phone and wearing a good pair of ear plugs can really help. These are ideal because they are molded to your ears and are so comfortable you can easily forget you are wearing them. They are even antibacterial so keep your ears squeaky clean during long meditation sessions.

Entities in the astral plane aren't alive in the same sense as beings in the physical world, although some of them are clearly sentient and so presumably have some quality of life. When you attack them you don't want to make them suffer; you aren't aiming to kill them in the traditional sense of the world; you are aiming to elevate them to a higher place, bump them up a level and start them on their alchemical journey of development. You aren't killing them, more like recycling them.

Make sure you are doing the right thing in every way you can; if you aren't sure, don't do it. Find another way to accomplish your task. Remember that changes you make in other dimensions while astrally projecting can affect other planes, including the physical plane. Your actions have consequences so don't make hasty decisions and make sure you understand what you are doing.

Step 1: ​Planning Attacks

It is worth spending some time planning your attack on the physical plane while you can use your brain; once you project you can't think in the same way. Whilst projecting you react more on instinct and based on information you already know. You may become aware of a ghost or demon you believe to be harmful, which is causing problems on the physical plane. Meditation will help you understand the problem and whether or not it is up to you to solve it.

Get a good night's sleep beforehand and avoid eating too much or alcohol for at least 24 hours before. If you have difficulty sleeping invest a pair of sturdy ear plugs such as these I invented from They are great for sleeping as they don't protrude from your ears so remain comfortable even when you lie on your side in bed. A broken night's sleep from noise will lead to poor concentration whilst trying to project and a high chance of you dropping off to sleep whilst trying to meditate.

Be careful when planning your attack that you don't imagine the complete attack in detail; a powerful entity may pick up your thoughts. If you imagine it vividly you my project part of your consciousness towards the entity which they may detect. This may make them angry, more powerful and will alert them to you coming. Consider each component of the attack separately; this in itself is a feat of concentration. Isolate yourself, make sure you aren't going to be interrupted; wearing hearing protection will stop you being disturbed by noisy neighbours and traffic noise.

When you are dealing with something small and of less consequence you can take your time carrying it out; when attacking a powerful conscious being you need to either destroy or very seriously incapacitate it with your first blow; you need to plan how you will do this; where you will position yourself, how you will defend yourself and what equipment you need. It is clearly possible to carry out these attacks without planning but you are at higher risk of putting yourself in harm's way. With experience you may be able to set out without a plan and act instinctively but earlier on it will be safer to plan.

Step 2: ​Interdimensional Weapons

Weapons on other planes can take any form you can possibly imagine. You can use any method of attack available on the physical plane and any other you can come up with. Having come up with the idea you can will it into existence whilst your consciousness is in another dimension. The more complex the structure, design and action of the device, the harder it will be to bring it into existence and the more psychic energy you will use.

Having created it in another plane you will need continued effort and psychic energy to maintain it's existence and operate it. Even with practice you may only be able to run a complex powerful machine for 2 minutes, but you will find you can do a lot in this amount of time. In higher dimensions where you are not governed by the laws of physics, biology and neurophysiology; actions and events occur much more quickly. With a short break you might be able to continue using the device.

Using a complex device device like this not only requires a trained, focused and agile body and mind, it will require a period of a day or two of recovery during which you may feel depleted. After this time, however, you will feel strengthened and buoyant.

Some interdimensional travellers carry a sword as a deterrent against attack. This can be effective for close combat, as can use of the body for martial arts purposes. These methods are useful and instinctive but have the same disadvantages as when used on the physical earth; you need to be in close proximity to your assailant. This may suit you and you may be happy with this but if your assailant has a high level of energy you may come to some harm. As is mentioned elsewhere on this blog there is no confirmed evidence of anyone coming to harm from being injured in a fight on another plane, but if it were to happen and if someone were to die then there would be no witness and the information would not be carried to the physical realm so it's important to take all reasonable precautions. This means planning, defending yourself and using powerful weapons rather than minimal ones, especially if you are setting out to fight. I also want to reiterate that fighting interdimensional beings is a last resort and should only be carried out when there is no other alternative. The aim is not to kill but rather to liberate to a higher level of existence.

Due to the possible danger of face-to-face combat long-range weapons such as lasers, energy cannons and guns are much more appropriate for use against powerful adversaries. Conversely they are more unwieldly due to their complexity, although they act as a defence in their own right as when they are used on a foe, the foe will probably then attack the weapon, rather than you. Connect the weapon to an archetypal sun in a higher plane and when the weapon attacks it will liberate slow wave/negative energy which will travel towards the weapon from where you can channel it to the sun in a higher realm where it will be incinerated/calcinated and recycled into a new form. What this will be is at the whim of the universe.

You can use a high energy source to break down, slow down or dissipate foci of energy such as beings, portals or hubs without hooking the source or weapon up to a sink like the sun but you will be left with a swirling mass of diffuse nebulised energy to dispose of. You can do this by choosing somewhere to send it; simple choices are to either a very high or very low dimension where it will be absorbed and recycled, or assimilate it with the sun.

Step 3: ​Use of Guns and Lasers Whilst Astrally Projecting on Interdimensional Planes

The gun is a useful tool on the interdimensional plane. It is a simple, instinctive, easy to use format which can be tweaked according to necessity. Traditional lead bullets may just about dent an interdimensional being but might not slow them down and are very unlikely to destroy them. Swap lead for sulphur and you've got a different story. Super-heat the bullets, make them high velocity and fire in an arc at a rate of 1000 per second and you have a formidable weapon. Station it locally to your foe and operate it remotely using a console on the dark side of the moon and you've got a weapon that will destroy virtually any adversary you will come across whilst keeping you safely out of harm's way.

A great alternative is an amethyst laser. This can lock onto an opponent and continue discharging energy into them until they are destroyed. You may need an external energy source for this one; ambient energy might not sustain it for long. Try using a star.

These weapons are serious stuff, not for the faint hearted or untrained. They will require great practice, presence of mind and psychic energy to set up and keep running. Any high output device may only run for short bursts of a second or two due to the huge amount of concentration and power require to keep it going. If it keeps cutting out connect a star or 3 to supply power. Even a short burst from a high-output device like this can release large clouds of energy from injured and partially destroyed adversaries. Keep away from it; it is harmful, will fatigue you and might leave you depressed and tired. Do not identify with if or you will suck it up. Building in an energy disposal system into your weapon will help process it as you go along, otherwise you may need to stop, clear up and then continue. Try having a vacuum tunnel collect the energy and channel it somewhere it will be absorbed and recycled.



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