How to Film Weddings

Introduction: How to Film Weddings

So with over 10 years under my belt at film and editing wedding videos, I have decided to share my knowledge, secrets and techniques.
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This video series will teach you everything you need to know from planning to which equipment to buy and best ways to edit the video and the final handover to the client.

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Step 1: Am I Right for This Job?

Step 2: What Equipment Do I Need?

Step 3: How to Get a Wedding Booking

Step 4: What to Do Before Going Onsite

Step 5: What to Do When You Get Onsite

Step 6: What to Film

Step 7: How to Put Your Personal Touch on It

Step 8: Make Sure You Have Help If You Need It

Step 9: Never Get Involved

Step 10: What to Do After the Event

Step 11: Get Editing

Step 12: Package the Video

Step 13: Make Sure You Get Paid

Step 14: Get Feedback and Ask to Be Recommended

Step 15: Find a Team and Grow

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