How to Find 3 People's Cards With One Card Trick




Would you like to impress people? You are in the right place. This easy card trick will allow you to impress anyone you like. In addition, you can learn this trick in couple of minutes.

There is a tutorial video that I made for you guys as well.

Here is the link,

Step 1: Required Materials and Knowledge

  • 1 deck of playing Playing cards
  • You need 52 cards
  • Take out the jokers and extras from your deck
  • 1-3 audience is needed to do the trick
  • I recommend 3 audience
  • No hand skill required (self-working card trick)
  • No Math skill required

Step 2: Starting the Trick

  1. Tell your friends or audience if they would like to see something cool!
  2. Tell your audience, you will read their mind
  3. Ask them you need 3 people to do the trick

Step 3: Setting Up the Trick

  1. Show your cards to your audience
  2. Then shuffle the cards and ask if they would like to shuffle the cards as well.
  3. If they do, let them shuffle the cards
  4. Ask 3 people to choose one card each.
  5. Tell them to not to show their cards to you
  6. Let them know, they should keep their card in their hand
  7. Shuffle the cards
  8. Allow your audience to shuffle cards if they would like to

Step 4: Setting Up the Deck

  1. Split the cards into 3 groups (A,B,C)
  2. The group A will have 10 cards
  3. The group B will have 15 cards
  4. The group C will have 15 cards
  5. At the end of grouping you will have 9 cards in your hand
  6. Now the Deck is set

Step 5: Rules of Collecting the Cards From Your Audience

  1. Ask audience(1) to put his/her card on top of group A
  2. Then, ask audience(1) to cut the group B anywhere he/she would like
  3. Then ask audience(1) to put the cut on top of the group A
  4. Ask audience(2) to put his/her card on top of the group B
  5. Then, audience(2) to cut the group C anywhere he/she would like
  6. Tell audience(2) to put the cut on top of group B
  7. Last but not least, tell audience(3) to put his/her card on top of group C
  8. Then add the 9 cards that you have in your hand on top of group C


Cut: Take random amount of contiguous cards from the top of a deck.

Step 6: Collecting the Group of Cards and Setting the Deck for the Last Time

  1. Take group C, add on top of group B
  2. Then, take that pile and add on top of group A
  3. Now you have all 52 cards in your hand
  4. Now, take the first 4 cards on the top, and put them at the bottom of the deck (VERY IMPORTANT)
  5. And the deck is fully set.

Step 7: The Trick Starts Working

  1. You will have to group deck into 2 piles
  2. The first pile will be FACE UP
  3. The second pile will be FACE DOWN
  4. Tell your audience if they see their card on the FACE UP pile, they should tell you stop
  5. Begin grouping your cards by placing first card into FACE UP pile
  6. In example, It will start with UP,then DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN.... Until the deck splits into 2 (26 cards each)

P.S: If the audience see their card in the FACE UP pile at anytime, you have to start the trick from the beginning.

Step 8:

End of Step 7, your audience will not see their cards.

  1. Keep the Face Down group in your hand (26 cards)
  2. Start splitting into 2 groups again as the same way you did at Step 7
  3. Again start splitting with FACE UP first!

Step 9:

Your audience will not be able to see their card again.

  1. You have 13 cards left in your hand
  2. Split the Face Down cards in your hand into 2 groups again with the same way
  3. Start with FACE UP first

Step 10: Blow Your Audience's Minds

Your audience will not be able to see their card

  1. You have 6 cards left in your hand as FACE DOWN
  2. For the last time, split the cards into 2 groups with the same way
  3. Start with Face Up first!

The audience will not see their card in the last split as well. Now you have 3 cards left in your hand. Show these cards to your audience and ask them if the cards belong to them.



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