How to Find Resistor Value by Color Code & Basic Capacitor

Introduction: How to Find Resistor Value by Color Code & Basic Capacitor

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Hi everyone, hows going? Hope well . So today I'm here with a new
very interesting Tutorial that you haven't seen before . This is all about finding the value of resistor & some precaution of capacitors . Actually from some days I've noticed that still some of us don't have the basic knowledge about resistors & capacitors . So in this video I'll be showing you how can you fully find the value of a resistor only by using it's color code. You'll also watch how to use capacitors . In the next video I'll be showing series parallel combina parallel connection of every circuit . I also have a website guys can check for the interesting electronics mini or big project . Here is the link Here is my Facebook profile link , if you got anything to ask me directly ask me there, I'll be always there to catch you up .

I've noticed most of people on the internet search for some basic common question about resistor & capacitor .Like "how to find resistor value by using color code ?" , "How can I know the positive /negative terminal of a capacitor ?" & for those people I actually made this video . But if you want to learn something better you should watch this video till end at least one time . And after watching I believe you'll be so okay with your basic about resistor and capacitors . Thank guys . Hope you'll hit the #Thumbs_Up button & also the #Subscribe button o get connected to this channel & please comment your topic down here to see your demanded video . Thanks a lot again :)

Step 1: Follow the Video to Find Out the Value From Color Code

To watch this tutorial video click here Everything is in the video in YouTube . Thanks to all guys . :) Must subscribe to this channel for more upcoming engineering videos :)

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