How to Find Your Lost Wireless Passwords

Introduction: How to Find Your Lost Wireless Passwords

Alright. Here's the situation: You've had this wireless set up on your computer for a very long time. Your computer automatically hooks up to it at startup. However, you want to add a new device to your system, and it dawns on you that you have no idea what that 20 digit monster of a password may be in the slightest. This is an easy way to recover it (or go to neighbors' houses and use it more maliciously?).

Step 1: Materials List

Luckily for you, this is extremely easy.

1. An internet connection (the one you're trying to recover?).

2. I recommend a usb drive (specially for you malicious guys). Any usb will be big enough. The file is just a tad too large for a floppy.

Step 2: Download This

Alright. Here is the download page for the program (

Just scroll to the bottom and select download for windows. This software is NOT malicious, it carries no viruses, adware or otherwise. However, during the recovery, you may have to turn your antivirus off because it may say it is because it IS scanning for private data.

Step 3: Extract It

Extract it to your desktop if this is a one time use, to a usb drive if you plan to use it repeatedly at different pcs.

Step 4: For Multiple Users Only

You people whojust want to use it once, hold on, I'll show you how to use it in a second. This is for the people who want to use it on multiple pcs.

Okay, your usb's directory should look like this

drive X

So wirelesskeyview.exe is in the Wirelesskeyview folder. We don't want that. put it  in the uppermost layer of files on your usb, and delete the folder you took it out of. Just copy and past the .exe. No other files in the folder are important, so just delete it.

Now open notepad. Copy and paste this:

ACTION = Locate wireless passwords

Then save that as all files as autorun.inf (NOT .TXT!) right by wirelesskeyview.exe in the uppermost layer of your usb drive. Once that is saved, eject it.

Put it back in, and a message like picture 3 should pop up. That's what the auto run does. For fast use in other pcs.

Step 5: How to Use

Should automatically pop up with saved passwords. It cannot, however, sense passwords that are saved through 3rd party programs, only though windows.

Disable antivirus if it is prevented from launching.

PM me with any questions!

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Will this recover such when the original set up was done by another laptop and it belongs to me? Or how can this be done? Can it?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It does not matter if the setup was done on the computer you are doing this on. The computer just has to have the password saved on it for autoconnecting.