How to Finger Knit

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Finger knitting is just like French tube knitting but you do it on your fingers. It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it and I hope you enjoy this Ible

Step 1: What You Need

5 fingers

Step 2: Getting Started

Tie a knot with the yarn onto your thumb with the yarn

Weave the yarn in and out of all your fingers except for the thumb. Do it so there is two loops on each finger. (Look at pictures for help)

Step 3: Weaving

Bring the bottom loop on each finger up and over your finger. It will look weird in the beginning!

Weave your fingers again to make 2 loops and then continue doing this to finger knit feel free to pull on the weaved part

Step 4: Pictures of Pulled Weaved Part

Pics above!!!

Step 5: Finishing

Pic up all of the loops left on your hands down make sure they don't fall and cut yarn. Then pull leftover yarn half through all the loops making one loop and then pull the yarn that is not pulled through through the one big loop and fasten. (Look at the pics for any confusion!)



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