How to Finger Weave

Introduction: How to Finger Weave

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Hi, I will be showing you how to finger weave. Finger weaving is like normal weaving just on your fingers. It is also a great way to make scarves. I make these for my family. I have made these so many times I give my family 3 more even though they already have 5. They are really fun and addicting to make. Have Fun!


All you need is some yarn, scissors, and at least 4 fingers. If you don't have 4 fingers, just get a stick with four branches that are close to eachother. Can't find a stick? Find something like 4 pencils in place of that.

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Step 1: Setting Up

First You'll need to Tie a loop and put it on your thumb. Then Loosely weave it between your finger(under the index finger, above the middle finger, under ring finger, above pinky). After that, do it reverse(under the ring finger, above middle, under index).

Step 2: Starting

Then, wrap the string around your hand once. After that pull the bottom string over your finger while still having the wrapped yarn on your fingers. Do that to all the fingers. Then do the same thing just backward.

Step 3: Finishing

Cut your yarn with at least 1.5 feet of yarn left attached to your hand. Loop the yarn through all the holes of yarn that your fingers are in.

Step 4: Video

If it was confusing at all, watch the video I made for you all. Thanks, and Enjoy. Follow if you want more Instructables

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