How To: Fishtail Braid



Introduction: How To: Fishtail Braid

Here are the steps to a Fishtail braid!

Step 1: First Step

First, make sure you comb the hair making sure there are no tangles,
leaving the middle section comb down.

Step 2: Second Step

Take two pieces of hair, one from each side,
make sure you don't grab thick pieces.The thinner the pieces are the better the braid will look.

Step 3: Third Step

What you're going to do, is criss cross the hair the entire time.

Step 4: Fourth Step

You'll grab an extra piece of hair and criss cross it, then hold it with your thumb, grab a third piece of hair from the left and move it over to the right and tighten it, then hold it with your thumb.

Step 5: Fifth Step

Then get hair from the right move it over to the left, then tighten it and hold it with your thumb.

Step 6: Sixth Step

You'll repeat steps 4 and 5 over until you reach the very end of your hair, tie it  up, and there you go!

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