How to Fit a Ceiling Rose and a Bulb Holder for a Stunning Light Installation!

Introduction: How to Fit a Ceiling Rose and a Bulb Holder for a Stunning Light Installation!

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Step 1:

Take one end of the cable and insert, in the order, the components A and B.

Step 2:

Unsheathing the cable taking care of not to damage the cables.

Step 3:

Strip the cables being careful not to damage the copper contained within.

Step 4:

With the aid of a screwdriver pressing the copper lug that rests on the inner groove, separating C from D.

Step 5:

Pass the cable into the fissure closer to C and insert the end of the two cables inside the terminals of the element E and tighten until full fixation

Step 6:

Insert E within C and secure the socket screwing D to C

Step 7:

Secure the cable to the socket screwing B to C, then A and B

Step 8:

Take the other end of the cable, strip the wires (see Fig.2 and Fig.3) and run the cable inside

the canopy (F)

Step 9:

Insert cable within G and passing through the fissure tighter.

Step 10:

Once decided the length of the cable from the wall, bend the cable by passing by the center hole. The remaining hole can be used to further secure the cable to the wall with a hook (not supplied).

Shut off power supply from the main switch.

Step 11:

Place the canopy (F) in the desired location and using a pen or a pencil mark the 3 holes shown by the arrows.

Step 12:

Drill the wall using a drill with a 6 bit, insert the supplied dowels (H), match the pieces to the 3 holes in the canopy and secure the canopy with the screws (I).

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