How to Fix Badly Faded Head Lights.

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The best way to make your car look better is to fix the badly faded headlight.

Nothing makes a car look old or ugly more then yellow faded headlights. By fixing this you takes years of the cars age. Especially if you are selling it clear head lights are a must.

There are lots of kits on the market to fix your head lights but they are expensive and some don't even work that well.

So here is a clip on a way you can do this for only a few dollars and some elbow grease.

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Step 1: This Is a Clip From My YouTube Channel" Home Mechanics" Explaining My Method.

This method works really well especially if you put in the extra effort.

Also they will stay looking like new if Everytime you wash your car you give them a quick buff up with some fine cut polish. That is if you wash your car at least once a year.

I have done it like this for years. I thought it up when I worked at a automotive panel beating shop thinking if it works on paint why not plastic.

Happy motoring

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    3 years ago

    Great video and good work. The same can be done with toothpaste and a cloth.


    3 years ago

    Consumers should launch class action lawsuits against the manufacturers that allowed these materials to be used. Did they think the Sun was going to go out, and their materials would not fail? Plastic headlamp covers that are not UV resistant is the stupidest idea I have seen in a while.

    2 replies

    i cannot imagine that glass would cost that much more?

    They make throw away glass drink bottles for beer etc so the cost would be quite low. I don't think the weight would matter much either.

    Please bring back glass headlights .

    I completely agree, I would much rather deal with the brittleness of glass than have to clear up the covers every few months.