How to Fix Dead NIMH Batteries




this is my first instructable so hopefully I do a good job of explaining this

I have a dead NIMH battery pack from an airsoft gun and it would charge but once I plugged it in it wouldn't do anything or it would make a small wirr so I did some research and apparently the cells can get locked in a low power mode an u need a sufficient amount of power to ( wake it up ) so let's get started I do not take responsibility for any damage to your batteries or anything else if u decide to try this

Step 1:

u will need
A dead (or sleeping ) NIMH batterie (kind of important) A smart charger that has a boost mode or goes up to 4 amps (others might work but this is what I had) A multi meter (optional(u could just plug it in to your gun) ) Spare good battery (optional to compare voltage )

Step 2:

First take your dead battery and connect it to your charger and put it on boost or 4 amps for about 5 min but be careful because it is possible that it might explode or catch fire it is very unlikely though

Then plug it in to charge normally after it is done charging hook it up to a multimeter to test the voltage it should be at least the voltage it is rated for if it is then you should test it in the airsoft gun or rc vehicle

Hopefully this works as well for you as it did for me thanks for reading



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    11 months ago

    For your first Instructable, I’d say this was pretty well done! I was nervous for my first too, but I soon got the hang of it. :)