How to Fix It When IP Cameras Lose Connection With NVR

Introduction: How to Fix It When IP Cameras Lose Connection With NVR

I'm Product manager of ANNKE Security Technology Inc.

When your ANNKE IP camera loses its connection to your NVR security system, try this method in the video. It works for new cameras too.

Step 1: Preparation

First, you need to power up your IP camera and the NVR system.

Connect the IP camera to the LAN port of NVR with a standard ethernet cable.

Step 2: Monitoring

- Enter the NVR system. irght click on the live monitoring interface to enter the Shortcut Menu

- Click the "Video Manager" and login with your password

- Then you'll see the status of your IP camera showing " IPC Disconnected "

- Choose it to delete

Step 3: Refresh

- Choose "Refresh", the new added IP camera data will show up.

- Choose it and click "Match code"

- Then you can see your IP camera status "Connect success"

- Now it's working again now.

Step 4: Video Tutorial

You may check this video for more.



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    Hi please help me. I have followed all your instructions, ip cam ip address before and after match code are obtained successfully but the ipc is still disconnected. Why?