Ripped Sweatpants Fix - Without Sewing




Introduction: Ripped Sweatpants Fix - Without Sewing

I'm a 49 year old Systems Architect living in the Midwestern United States. After travelling the...

I ripped one of my favorite pair of sweatpants. It happens, especially as they get older. However, there was no need to throw them away because they can be repaired in just 10 minutes...without sewing.


*Few things have served my lifestyle as well as my clothing iron. If you don't have one, I highly recommend you get one.

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Step 1: Cut

Starting heating up your iron on the cotton setting. My iron gets up to full heat in about 3 minutes, but allow 5 minutes just to be sure. Select the tape that best matches the color of your sweats. In my case, the sweats are black, and the tape assortment included a black tape. Next set the tape over the rip and cut it to length. You are shooting for about 1/2" of overhang around all sides. It is okay to double up tape if your rip is particularly wide, or along two seams.

Step 2: Iron

With your sweats turned inside out and the edges of the rip pressed together, iron the tape, shiny side down, over the first half of the rip. Adjust the rip on the other side and then iron there.

It doesn't have to be perfect (in the photo I didn't press the sides of the rip together completely to avoid patching in a crease). We won't be wearing these sweats to awards shows or weddings...but they will be perfect for working around the house in, since they are pre-disastered. :)

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    3 years ago

    You can also use liquid latex to glue fabric together, stronger than the material in most cases. Just be careful where you get it, it doesn't ever come off!