How to Fix Shoe Lace Aglet

Introduction: How to Fix Shoe Lace Aglet

Here’s a easy way to repair any shoe aglet

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you will need:
-fishing line
-heat shrink tubing
-a lighter

Step 2: Wrap Shoe Lace End With Fishing Line

In this photo I dident wrap the fishing line tight enough so I had to go back and rewind it onto the shoe lace so make shure to wind it tight.

Step 3: Add Heat Shrink Tubing

Just cut the heat shrink tubing down to size and slide it over the end of the shoe lace and use the lighter to shrink it

Step 4: Done!



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    7 weeks ago

    I can't tell you what a problem this has been in my life. Thanks.

    That's a great fix!