How to Fix a Leaky Delta Faucet




Introduction: How to Fix a Leaky Delta Faucet

This tutorial is intended to guide a person through the steps of repairing a faucet that drips when turned off, or leaks through the base of the faucet.

This tutorial applies to standard Delta faucets, as well as the pull out model, pictured above.

To complete this tutorial, a "repair kit for Delta with stainless steel ball" must be purchased. A kit can be found at a hardware store or online retailer.

A screwdriver is necessary to complete this tutorial. A wrench (strap wrench, channel lock wrench, or other wrench) may be required to remove the cap assembly.

Silicone paste, or a comparable waterproof lubricant is recommended, but not required.

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Step 1: Turn Off the Water Valve.

Before the tools come out for any plumbing job, make sure to turn off the water source. Locate the water gate for the kitchen sink. Usually the valve is located under the sink. If there is no valve for the sink, turn off the water for the entire home or building.

To turn off the valve, turn the handle, righty-tighty in most cases, so that the handle is perpendicular to the pipe.

Be sure to turn off both the hot and cold water.

Step 2: Drain the Faucet.

Turn the sink handle to the on position. Let out any water that remains in the faucet or the sprayer nozzle.

Step 3: Prepare the Faucet and Sink.

Cover the drain and the disposal (if applicable) with a rag, or a drain stopper. This prevents screws from getting lost down the drain.

Using your finger or a flathead screwdriver, remove the blue and red cover located on the faucet handle to reveal the handle screw. Place the cover to the side in a designated container where all screws and parts may be placed.

Unscrew the screw within the handle. Place it aside.

Step 4: Remove the Faucet Handle.

Lift off the faucet handle from the sink base.

Step 5: Remove Handle Cap.

Remove the handle cap by turning it counterclockwise, or left-loosey. Set it aside.

Tip: If the handle cap is difficult to remove, a hair dryer aimed at the handle cap for a minute or two will loosen it.

Step 6: Remove Faucet Components.

Remove the plastic cam and packing, and the ball assembly. Set them aside.

Use a screw driver or tool to remove the two sets of seat and springs, located at the top of the sink spout in the ten and two o'clock positions. Ignore the third hole on the bottom.

Step 7: Replace Old Parts With New Parts.

Find the coordinating ball assembly, cam and packing, and seat and screws.

Put together the new seat and springs. Push them back into the holes at the ten and two o'clock positions, so the rubber is flush with the metal hole. It is crucial that the springs are flush with the metal, or else the ball assembly will not have enough room to maneuver.

Place the ball in the sink so its holes are inline with the holes in the faucet pipe.

Place the packing and cam on top of ball. Be sure the small plastic tab lines up with the small metal cutout at the nine o'clock position in the faucet pipe.

(Optional step) Before replacing the ball assembly, cover the ball in silicone paste. The silicone paste keeps the handle moving smoothly.

Step 8: Replace the Handle Cap.

While holding the cam and packing in place, screw the cap assembly back into place.

Step 9: Replace the Sink Handle.

Place the sink handle back onto the top of the ball assembly.

Screw the handle back into place.

Replace the red and blue cover.

Step 10: Turn on Water Valve.

Slowly turn the water valve back to the on position, so the handles are parallel with the pipe.

Congratulations you have fixed your sink!

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    2 years ago

    Most Delta faucets come with a lifetime warranty so get in touch with them before you buy any needed part and they should send it to you at no charge. 10-14 day delivery.

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    I actually need to do this at my house as well. Thanks for sharing your experience.